Ways to Protect Your Car Paint – Explained 11 ways in Details

11 Ways to Protect Your Car Paint

1. Avoid writing on the car with your finger and do not let your children do it as well:

Maybe you think that not writing on the car with your finger is a recent car paint protection method. This way sounds strange, but it is very effective to protect your car paint.

You shouldn't ever trace or scratch your fingers on a dusty car as your finger will act like sandpaper grinding on the dirt remains and make them penetrate through the paintwork.

2. Wash and clean your car regularly:

According to some car experts, when you're actually washing the car, you have to stay away from any dish detergent as it will badly hurt the paint. In any case, you should buy a high-quality car wash/cleaner chemical that you should use with a foam applicator, so it doesn't hurt the paint and the car overall as well.

3. Apply a paint seal/sealant:

You have to use it at least once or twice a year to preserve your car paint. It will protect your car paint by adding a protective sheath over it.

Apply the solution in circular motions one section at a time when it changes texture rub with a towel and wipes it clean in same circular motions.

4. Wax your car to keep up the shine (this is a step of maintenance):

Paste wax lasts much longer and doesn't need frequent applications as it requires more hard work then the other formulas of waxes. There are toxic and oxidizing ingredients such as bird droppings, road grime, tree sap, etc. they stick to the paint and cut through.

5. Synthetic coating for the car paint:

Using synthetic coating is a new car paint protection method. That everyone should know. Just apply a ceramic or polymer coating on the car and it will work wonders for the car paint with a lot of time period.

6. Hand dry the exterior:

After washing your car, you should hand dry it. So the chemicals present in the water do not combine with the sun rays to harm your car paint.

Use a cotton rag to hand dry the parts of your car exposed to the sun. It will take some time, but it will definitely be worth it.

7. Polish your car:

Basically if you want your car exterior to shine and be protected from the sun at the same time you need to buy a good quality car polish and apply it in three essential steps:

  1. Wash your car
  2. Hand dry it
  3. Apply a coat of car polish with a foam applicator

When you apply this car polish on the exterior, it will fight with the harmful chemicals in the atmosphere to help protect it and its paint most importantly. There are many types of car polishes for example:

8. Car covers:

This is the easiest and simple way to protect your car's paint. Use a good quality car cover to wrap it up and limit the sunray effect on it.

But there are some aspects to look into while using car covers:

  1. Never cover a wet car as it produces bacteria and fungus.
  2. For the same reason, ensure that the car is dry and neat.
  3. Never keep the car cover under the sun.
  4. Never keep your car covered for as long as a week or else it will only damage your car rather than protecting it.

9. Regularly check your car fluid levels:

When its hot outside the fluid in your car heats up and gets used up really quickly rather than in cooler and normal conditions and this way the car gets damaged overall including its exterior aka car paint. So keep the fluid levels in check.

10. Use reflectorized sun panels on your front and rear dashes:

It really pays off, in the long run, to use solar panels even if it seems like hard work. These panels reduce the temperature in your car overall.

These also help reduce bleaching effect from the sun that affects your interior and overall cooling means exterior also gets saved.

11. Glazing:

It is a more advanced step if compared to car waxing. It has five steps that are entailed in glazing cars. These include:

So basically it takes 4-5 hours for the procedure to seal the glance once. It is important to mention that the glaze can be sealed for half a year when compared to waxing.

It is recommended that you glaze your car in time for the second time in order to seal the glaze.

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