Types of Common Car Accessories

Car accessories are an important addition to a car and serve multifold purposes. While some embellishments such as seat covers, mud flaps, floor mats, specialized rims, and so on add protection to the respective parts and improve its aesthetics, additions such as pet barriers and cargo liners ensure safe travel. There are thus numerous trappings with their own specific use and purpose that you can add to your vehicle and customize it according to your personal taste. The lifestyle and preferences of the person using the car determine the type of car accessories he would need to add comfort and convenience to his travel routine. The variety of accessories available can be broadly categorized under two parts:

Exterior Car Accessories

As the name suggests, exterior auto accessories are installed or applied to the outer part of a vehicle to increase its looks. Here are some types of such embellishments and their role:

Car Covers:

When parked, a car is always exposed to potential damages due to weather conditions such as the sun, rain, snow, and animals such as squirrels, cats, mice, and so on. Thus, to protect the body of the car, car covers are a useful asset which thereby protects it from losing the lustre of its paint and from dents and scratches. Therefore, people whose car is mostly parked outside under the influence of such environmental and animal interference should get a car cover to keep it protected from damages.

Car Scraper:

In winters, an ice scraper is a useful accessory that helps in removing snow deposited on the chassis of the car. Thus if you reside in an area that experiences heavy snowfall, you can get a car scraper else it can be difficult to remove the snow deposition. An ice scraper that comes with a shovel brush attached is a very convenient option as well.

Booster Cable:

Booster cables are used to start a car through a discharged starting battery. It consists of a pair of insulated electrical wires with clamps at each end which are attached to battery of another vehicle or to an external power source to jump start a car. This equipment is useful in situations where the battery of your car dies and is in need of electrical energy.

Cleaning Equipment:

Since it is essential to keep a car spick and span, you can save on time and money by getting your own cleaning equipment. A favourable set of such cleaning equipment includes a folding bucket, microfiber cleaning cloth made of polyester, sponge, and washing powder. It is not only convenient to carry but can also be used anywhere and anytime for cleaning the car, thereby regular maintenance of your car is important to make sure that it is safe to drive..

Interior Car Accessories

The interior auto accessories are designed for the inside of a car and include a wide range of products for increasing the functionality of the car and maintaining its efficiency. The various types of such interior parts include:

Car Mats:

Since the interior of a car is susceptible to dirt and dust as well as stains from spills, car floor mats are an essential asset for the front and back seats as they protect the floor of the car from such grime. Thus, if you have kids or pets, you should get quality mats put up on the floor of the car. Anti-slip, waterproof and sturdy mats are recommended, PVC material being such option which is highly durable in nature.

Windshield Sun Shades:

When a car is parked in a parking area or anywhere outside under the sun, the interior tends to get extremely hot, making it uncomfortable for a person to get back in. The sunlight may also damage the dashboard and cause discoloration of the seat upholstery. To avoid these damages and inconveniences, windshield sun shades are used to block the sunlight from entering the car.

Seat Covers:

Like the floor of the car, the seats are also prone to stains or eventual wear and tear. Thus, seat covers are a vital and necessary item that not only protect the seat from damage but also adds comfort, style, and appearance to the vehicle. For durability, you can get a cover made of polyester with a comfortable foam filling at the bottom.

Mobile Holder:

Some people need to keep their mobile within reach while driving for accessing GPS or MP4 devices. Thus, mobile holders have become a common accessory which is installed to keep mobile phones in place while driving. Choose a durable, high quality, as well as stylish holder with a two-arm range of 40-95 mm preferably.

Use these valuable additions to give a personal touch to your car while increasing its functionality and value over time and making your daily commutes comfortable for you and your family.

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