Two Important Things You Should Know About Paintless Dent Removal

Any vehicle owner looking for small dent repair these days will likely seek out a shop that specializes in high quality repair techniques that are affordable and efficient. Here are two important things you should you know about paintless dent repair and paintless dent removal.

PDR Produces Outstanding Results When Used to Repair Auto Hail Damage

In most cases where a technique such as paintless dent removal is the preferred method for repair, a few culprits are suspected. Damage from hail is perhaps the most common suspect of both small and large dents in cars. As a result, many people may desire to restore these areas of their car's body and remove the typically small dents without resulting in a noticeable difference from the rest of the car's exterior. In many cases, outdated techniques that use other paint to cover up marks caused by hail dents don't quite match up with the original body's colour and shade, and lower quality or improper application of cover-up paint can result in bubbling, fading or other discoloration down the road. Paintless dent repair solves this problem by producing amazing results on hail damage repair. First and foremost, the technique doesn't use any paint and does not risk lowering the value of your car by applying cover-up paint over the damage. Instead, PDR technicians rely on their certified training and special tools to remove the dents by applying pressure to the underside slowly and methodically until the metal in back in shape. This kind of repair job for vehicle hail damage offers far superior results, especially since the technicians have far more precision over these kinds of repairs. As you may have guessed, PDR methods produce reliable repair work that can take care of just about any dent from hail damage.

PDR Requires a Skilled Technician to Be Performed Properly

The use of PDR techniques is growing in popularity across the country and is even becoming the preferred method of repairs recommended by insurance companies depending on the extent of the vehicle damage present. However, paintless dent repair techniques are notoriously difficult to achieve without the proper training. That's why you should never take your car to an auto body shop that doesn't have staff members who are qualified to perform proper paintless dent repair and removal services. Doing so may result in shoddy low-quality work since they may not possess the appropriate tools or the experience to complete the job properly. Technicians who perform proper paintless dent removal work undergo extensive training and certification programs. By working with a repair shop that has certified paintless dent repair technicians in the garage, you don't have to worry about the results. Shops like these will offer lifetime guarantees for their work, knowing that the quality of their repairs speaks for itself by permanently eliminating the dent damage on their customers' vehicles.

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