Car Scratch Removal Services

All car scratches are not the same. Some “scratches” may not even be scratches at all. You find these when a painted car bumper or wooden post, or the rubber bumper on a shopping cart, rubs up against the body. The object doing the rubbing may be softer than the paint. Instead of scratching the car, it deposits material on the paint surface — a mark that is actually raised above the paint, not gouged into it.

If the object is harder than the paint, guess where the material gets transferred? From your car to the shopping cart, leaving paint missing. Some scratches can be rescued, while others can't.

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What is Cut & Polish?

A paint restoration process that makes the car shinier, free of surface scratches and scuffmarks, re-creating a “like new” appearance. A scratch is a car's paintwork can best be described as a tear in the top Clear coat, reflecting light in random directions, thereby highlighting the scratch. Our cut and polish process is designed to permanently remove scratches in the paintwork.

Will Buffing remove the Scratches from my car?

If you can't “feel” the scratch, it will most likely buff out. The general rule is that if your fingernail will “catch” in the scratch, that it may be too deep. In other words, the scratch has gone through the Top coat clear paint, into the basecoat colour, or even further – down to metal

Surface scratches and scuff marks can often be removed by polishing. This process is also useful for removing certain stains from paintwork.

Professional polishing is not a simple wax on / wax off process. It requires specialised abrasive compounds and waxing agents to restore your cars shine to the condition it was in when you purchased it.

With our polishing process we specialise in removing the scratches. The client's car paintwork is accessed individually and the scratches, fallout organic and inorganic are taken care of. After the process you can have body glaze or paint protection applied to the surface of your car. We use quality products that can be wash resistant or supply a long term protection, depending on your requirements and cost-ability. We work on new and used cars. When it comes to polishing we are the master technicians.

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