Paintless Dent Removal: 3 Types of Auto Dents That PDR Can Fix

Even the smallest dent in your vehicle's body can ruin its appearance and lower its resale value. Unfortunately, unless you leave your car wrapped in a protective bubble and never drive it, you can't 100% prevent dents. Auto collisions, random objects, hail and other types of inclement weather can cause all kinds of auto damage, including minor and major dents.

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is an economical way to restore your vehicle's body to factory-like condition in a fraction of the time and sometimes a fraction of the cost. Most car dent removal, which involves filling in dents with body fillers or paints, isn't as long-lasting. Typical body shop repairs use bond and fillers to make your cars exterior only appear straight, whereas paintless dent repair actually fixes your dent. We simply take our time to gently massage your metal back to where it was before it was damaged, all while maintaining your factory finish. With the advancement of PDR tools and technology, we are able to repair larger, more complex damage that most body shops or insurance companies are even aware of.

Here are three main types of dents that can be effectively removed by paintless dent removal:

Round Dents:

These types of dents are often cased from hailstones and other round objects like footballs, basketballs, baseballs, etc. When these objects hit the door, bumper, roof or hood, a rounded dent immediately forms.

Car Dings:

These types of dents occur due to typical damage from a parking lot incident or from small objects hitting your vehicle on a windy day. Most damage of this nature is relatively affordable to repair, sometimes even with a small scratch, chip or crack in the paint. It is usually more beneficial for the value of your car to have it repaired with PDR. Used cars are expected to have minor imperfections like light scratches or small dings. However, clean cars sell faster and for more money.

Crease Dents:

These dents are typically more complex and time consuming. They are more likely to stretch your vehicle's metal. However, that doesn't mean they cannot be fixed via paintless dent repair. With the advancement of tools and technology, creases are no longer the threat to PDR that they used to be.

Although dents can vary in size and shape, each bring their own unique set of challenges. We recommend you ensure you are working with professionals, regardless of whom you are considering to complete your repairs. Ask as many questions that you need to feel comfortable.