The Importance of Windscreen Glass

Windscreen glass damage is incredibly common.. But while windscreen glass chips and cracks can seem like no big deal, it's actually incredibly important to repair them. Let's take a look at why you should always get a crack or chip repaired immediately.

Why You Should Always Repair Damage Windscreen Glass

Avoid traffic tickets

Certain chips and cracks in the windscreen can warrant a traffic ticket. This will end up being an additional cost on top of what you'll need to pay for windscreen repair or replacement.

Avoid greater costs down the road

While chip or crack repair is often inexpensive, this often isn't the case when it comes to more intensive repair or replacement. The fact of the matter is, small and seemingly harmless chips and cracks often spread over time.

The longer you wait to repair it, the more expensive it may end up being. You'll want to repair versus replace whenever possible. Your wallet will thank you!

Maintain clear vision of the road

Safety starts with awareness on the road. And it's hard to be fully aware of your surroundings when a chip or crack is impeding your line of vision. Even if the damage seems small, it can possibly lead to a dangerous blind spot. Don't put your passengers in danger by ignoring easily avoidable risks.

Absorb the impact on the airbags

Windscreens are essential to absorbing the impact of an auto accident. This directly affects the front seat airbags. Without the windscreen properly absorbing the impact on the passenger airbags, the airbags may not work properly or effectively.

Avoid the possibility of passenger ejection

Windscreens help protect passengers from outside forces, and this is especially true in severe car accident cases. A compromised buffer can lead to passengers being ejected from the vehicle through the windscreen. This could potentially turn car crash injuries into car crash fatalities.

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